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Welcome to a guide for cruisers and travelers to Luperon and the Dominican Republic. Many cruisers spend hurrricane season here before they continue their voyage of the Caribbean Islands. Spanish is the native language however you'll find many friendly English speaking locals to translate. Due to low land prices and construction costs, several sailors have dropped their anchors ashore and live in beautiful houses that have great views. Cruisers communicate via VHF radio Channel 68 and Channel 72 for the Wednesday and Sunday Cruisers net at 8:00 AM local time.

Luperon town on the north coast of the Dominican Republic is the perfect hurricane hole of the Caribbean for cruisers. Puerto Blanco Bay has never had a direct hit from a hurricane as the mountains to the south break up the hurricanes. The locals consequently call the harbour Gracias de Dios (Thanks to God).

The public transport system is probably the best in the world. You can get around the island very fast. Share a taxi with friends for a grocery or boat parts shop to the main cities Puerto Plata or Santiago. $5.00USD to POP and $5.50USD to STI. A trip to Santo Domingo is easy as a bus leaves the center of town every afernoon at 1:30 PM, arriving at the Cibao bus station in Santo Domingo around 5:30 PM. A short walk to the Colonial zone.

Luperon is basically countryside (campo) but there are thriving businesses operating. You can change your money from US dollars to pesos in a few places. The best exchange rates are found in Imbert, the neighbouring large town. The local hardware store carries a vast array of goods but better prices are found in Santiago or Puerto Plata.

Exchange Rates
$1.00(US)=$ DOP
1.00(GBP)=$ DOP
$1.00(CAD)=$ DOP
$1.00(EUR)=$ DOP

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