Prices in $ US
Immigration Fees When Entering the Harbor
Entrance fee to the harbor $10.00
After 7 days (if leaving within 30 days) $15.00
Per boat length over 35' $20.00
For Town Wharf Berth ft/day $0.70
Agriculture (garbage disposal) $20.00
Tourist Card (per person) $10.00
Pets: (if they come ashore $10.00
Prices in Dominican Pesos DOP (1000DOP = $22.22)

Up to 3 Months 2,500
3-9 Months 4,000
9-12 Months 5,000
12-18 Months 6,500
18-24 Months 8,000
24-30 Months 9,500
30-36 Months 11,000
As of February 2016

-30 Day Visa per crew member - $15
- Despachos from port-to-port will be required and will be administered by the coast guard.  There is no charge for them, however we have been advised that a tip for this service of $15 US is customary.

Still in place is that each and every harbor may assess fees, such as a fee for rubbish discharge, or for anchoring.  It depends on the harbor.

The marina in Puerto Plata, Oceanworld, has a contract with Portuario (Dept of Ports) whereby they pay a fee of $50 US per week for cruising boats in the marina.  Therefore, foreign visiting yachts here are charged this, however this charge ONLY applied to Oceanworld.