Meet Sobeida, she heads Tourism in Luperon

Email:     Phone:  809-910-5536
Clean Up
Sobeida organized a clean up of the muelle (government dock). This will be a continuous project. She also organized the weekly clean up of all the beaches (El Castillo, Cambiaso, Playa Grande, Bellena, and Chiquita) At least 3 to 5 people are assigned to clean-up each beach, on a weekly basis.
Sewer System
The Luperon sewer system project has nearly finished. The mayor is presently doing the contract to asphalt the roads in the town. The road will be done as far as Martin Alonso turning.
Sidewalks & Roads
Another project that starts when the sewer project is completed, is new sidewalks and roads in the city.
Bridge Work
The president came to look at the bridge in El Estrecho at midday yesterday (19th July). Two helicopters flew in around one in the afternoon.

The Environment office has put a tower on the hill near Gunthers building. It is free to enter and you get great views.
Dinghy Dock

The Port Authority have started to build the new dinghy dock. The money collected will be spent on a solar panel and lighting to ensure safety at night.

New Park
A park has been cleared at the playita where a Catalina aircraft crashed in 1949. You can see dolphins at the harbor entrance from here.
The Environment Office has made 17 murals for La Isabella.
Non Payers
If people don't pay their harbor fee they will be sent a letter. The port authority will wait 45 days and then impound the boat. Sobeida said that there are too many non paying boats.